[mythtv-users] mythfrontend unresponsive after inactivity

William william_munson at comcast.net
Fri Jun 6 10:30:17 UTC 2008

Ronald Frazier wrote:
>> I have the same issue. For me changing to static images rather than the
>> preview video fixed it however I dislike that option and now just make
>> sure that I dont leave it on that screen.
> Yeah, thats what I suspected. As I mentioned, there was a bug in the
> code before with regard to live previews. When deleting the last video
> from the list, it would hang because I was waiting for a condition to
> be met, but the function that set that condition would only get called
> if there was a video to render. I fixed that bug. When I first saw
> this hanging-after-idle topic mentioned a few months ago, I suspected
> it was a similar scenario, but I was never able to replicate it on my
> system, thus I couldn't debug it.
> One possibility that just occurred to me...did you have a screen saver
> enabled when this problem would occur? I have the screen saver
> disabled, but Justin said he is using one. Perhaps that is part of the
> necessary conditions.
> Also, if it's related to the same bug I fixed, one of the features of
> that bug was that it wasn't actually frozen. It just appeared frozen.
> If you alt-tabbed between different windows a few times, it would
> eventually unfreeze itself. Can  one of you give that a try and see if
> it unfreezes it? If so, then that really helps to pinpoint the problem
> as being another variation of the same bug.

My installation was based on mythbuntu however I have stripped out most 
of what made that a plug and play install. It did indeed have a screen 
saver (simple fade to black) which I have since disabled. There is still 
an issue with what I assume is dpms related in that my screen goes black 
after a while and then ~ an hour later comes back on. Interesting thing 
is that it requires 2 button pushes to activate the first command after 
this happens. Not sure if this has anything to do with the freezing 
issue however it does continue to freeze with the screen saver disabled.

Hope this helps.

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