[mythtv-users] mythfrontend unresponsive after inactivity

Justin Nolan hondacrxsi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 20:13:43 UTC 2008

> >> about 30% of the time, the graphics card wont wake up to a remote
> >> control press. Plugging in a mouse and wiggling it wakes it up.  
> BUT,
> >> mythfrontend is completely unresponsive. I always leave myth on the
> >> Watch Recordings page, and when this happens, the frontend is  
> frozen
> >> on that page, but completely empty with no recordings listed.
> I seem to recall another post about the frontend locking up if it sits
> at the watch recording screen for a long time, though I don't think a
> solution was ever mentioned.
> Try leaving it on a screen other than watch recordings and see if it
> freezes (try the main menu and the guide grid). Assuming it's only on
> that screen, it could be a number of different things. I'd try
> disabling the live preview if you have it enabled, as there may be a
> bug in that code. I fixed a bug with the live preview locking up the
> watch recording screen, but maybe there's still another part of it I
> didn't catch.
> It also may be possible that the watch recording screen is opening a
> DB connection and then just continues to reuse it, and after a while
> the handle becomes stale. I know this type of thing happens when I
> connect from my work computer to my home computer. The firewall does
> NAT, and when it stops seeing traffic on a port for about 30 minutes,
> it just forgets about the connection. The socket never actually
> disconnects...just disappears. Now, you wouldn't likely be doing NAT
> on your internal network, but maybe there are other configurations
> that do similar things (maybe a software firewall?).
> -- 
> Ron

In my extremely limited testing, it appear that leaving it idle on the  
main menu instead of the recordings list prevents it from freezing.  
Regarding network/NAT issues, I'm using a frontend/backend so it  
should only be connecting locally.

So is this a common issue, or is it something in my setup? Seems like  
a pretty major bug. Reportable?

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