[mythtv-users] Could realtime commercial flagging cause hard lockup/freeze/hang?

Greg Grotsky spikeygg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 15:45:15 UTC 2008

On 6/4/08, Roger Heflin <rogerheflin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Have you made *ANY* hardware changes of any type?   I recently made a
> change to
> move a couple of my drives from a SIL controller to the faster on MB
> connected
> VIA sata controller, and this was apparently a mistake as the VIA
> chipset/sata
> controller does not appear to be able to properly play nice on the
> processor bus
> with other PCI devices, and eventually causes a wide variety of
> crashes/reboots
> and other failures, and did not show up for a week or two but when it
> started
> would cause a reboot, and then shortly after it got back up the raid5
> rebuilding
> would cause more reboots and/or other things to fail.   Pretty ugly, once I
> moved things off of the via sata controller back to the way it was things
> became
> stable, but given the amount of time for the failure to show up it was not
> at
> all obvious that was the cause.
> Not a change that I would have expected to cause that bad of result, but
> changing anything (even bios settings) can find a previous undiscovered
> hardware
> "feature". that may not show up for a while, and only shows up under
> certain
> conditions.  The condition mine required was using all 4 disks drives (raid
> rebuild)  and trying to record from all of the 3 PCI tuner cards at the
> same
> time, otherwise it was not obviously unstable.
>                                   Roger

I did swap out my 3200+ with a 4200+ X2 but that happened in Dec 2007, and
it has been running fine since then.  That's what got me thinking
heat/cooling causing the lockup because the 3200+ did find in the summers
for years.  This is the first summer the 4200+ X2 had to crunch through.
But like I said earlier, I setup sensord to log all the core temps every 5
or 10 minutes and it froze while the processor was at 49c which is low
considering reviewing the logs I saw it get upwords of 65c and that didn't
cause it to crash.  Plus it crashes most often when we're not doing
anything, like a paused DVD or in the frontend menu system... but always
when commflagging/recording (so far).

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