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steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Thu Jun 5 00:44:59 UTC 2008

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Greg wrote:

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| | Then you call and tell them your TV only has component inputs and
| | demand a box that you can use with your TV. They have to comply.
| I wonder if thats the same "comply" law that Time warner completely
| ignores..... at least in my area of upstate NY.  Ive repeatedly asked
| for an hd box that has a firewire port enabled..... they keep telling me
| "that functionality is not available"  I never heard a word back from
| the FCC after I complained to them either.


| I live in Upstate NY...Saratoga Springs...I have fire wire on my SA
| 4250...I just asked for it....

I messed with mine, and found that the ports were off.  I called the
local office in norwich, and the first person I spoke to after I asked
if they could turn firewire on my hd box on, she transferred me to tech
support.  tech support 800# asked me what kind if internet connection I
had...... uhh... I told them it had nothing to do with my internet
connection.  then she asked me what firewire was, I told her IEEE1394,
she never heard of it  "we dont use any ports on the boxes except hdmi,
component, or cable"  was her answer.

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Steve Reilly


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