[mythtv-users] How to removed a job from the queue

Clay nt4usb at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 23:43:36 UTC 2008

--- Marc Christensen <comments at mecworks.com> wrote:

> Using MythWeb, I accidentally queued a previously
> recorded show for
> transcoding.  I don't want this to happen.  I don't
> have access to the
> machine and I need to remove that job from the
> queue.
> I can see the scheduled job in MythWeb but I can't
> find a place to
> remove or cancel jobs that are in the queue.
> My jobs only run at night between midnight and
> 5:30am so the job hasn't
> started yet.
> Is there a way that I can remove or cancel the job
> using MythWeb?  I
> also have ssh access to the machine.  Is there a way
> to manage the job
> queue vi command line?
> I am running mythtv-backend-0.21-9 and
> mythweb-0.21-11 from packman on 
> OpenSuse 10.3 i586.
If you're savvy with mysql, you could clear it using
I'm not so I use phpmyadmin to administer mysql via a
web browser. Simple matter to open the job table and
remove it there.

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