[mythtv-users] Re : How is my IR mapped to the keymap ?

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 4 11:43:48 UTC 2008

Le 04.06.2008 07:35:17, David Watkins a écrit :
> > Got a config file up for lirc. So I will go that route. How can I
> > disable the input being taken from dev/event8 as keyboard input 
> into
> X
> > so only lirc will be doing it ?
> If you start lircd like this
> lircd -d /dev/input/event8
> (you may want to add other options such as the path to your 
> lircd.conf
> file...)
> then all events on that device (your remote) will go to lirc rather
> than to the keyboard buffer.
> You need to be aware that if you add or remove other event based HID
> devices (keyboard, mouse etc) then that event number might change.
> Actually if you're very unlucky it may even change on a reboot 
> without
> you changing the computer configuration.
> The solution to the above is to create a udev rule that creates a
> unique name
> eg.     /dev/input/myevent
> that is always mapped to the correct event number.  So then you'd
> start lirc with
> lircd -d /dev/input/myevent
> There's stuff on the mythtv wiki about creating udev rules.  If you
> never plug or unplug peripherals and you're not unlucky you may not
> need to worry about this.

You can also indicate the path to the remote this way:
That way it wont change.

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