[mythtv-users] hd homerun and STB

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Jun 3 01:58:15 UTC 2008

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Anduin Withers wrote:
|> lol, yes I did that first, and I got the unencrypted channels, about 10
|> of them.  definately not worth what I paid for the box.
| The item you purchased doesn't do what you seem to think it does. Those 10
| channels you see are probably exactly what you are supposed to see.
| after the STB and expecting to tune, let alone, tune all 700 of those
| channels is something you should realize will not work.

I dont know, I guess I didnt realize it, the hdhomerun is pretty much
useless if it cant be used with a STB (for me anyway) theres no hd ota
broadcast within a 50 mile radius... but that still doesnt answer why it
cant be used to at least tune what a pvr 150 can?  I still get nothing
when I use the same identical cable pulled out of my pvr 150 and plug it
into the hdhomerun.  Shouldnt I get at least what the pvr150 does? or am
I way off base.

I may have a bad tuner or something because I just hooked it up to a
windows box and i get absolutely nothing when i scan for channels using
the hdhomerun software provided..... from the stb or direct cable.  Im
done for tonight, will investigate more tomorrow!  Thanks guys.

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Steve Reilly


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