[mythtv-users] What dual/triple-tuner setup is recommended for the switch to digital?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 19:10:28 UTC 2008

   So far I've managed to totally ignore the switch to digital next
year but I figured that sometime this summer I was going to have to
start learning more about what people are doing so this is a first
step. Thanks in advance.

   We are currently using two PVR cards and probably could use 3 if I
had access to them so I figure next year I cannot go backward in terms
of recording capability. We probably watch 90% of the recorded media
on different PC's around the house and only about 10% on our TVs. With
two TVs in the house only 1 is HD capable and we don't even use it for
HD today. I have no current plans to buy new TVs. It's a simple, old
style analog setup and no one is yet asking for anything better. With
the new Roku Netflix box it seems even more unlikely that we'll turn
into live HD watchers.

   What do I do when the switch to digital comes?

   It seems to me that most folks in the past have been using digital
with their Myth boxes talking over Firewire to 1394-enabled STBs. Is
this actually true? If it is true does that suggest I have to have
rent 3 STBs to record 3 channels?

   I've barely checked out hardware like the HD Homerun. My
understanding is that this device gets me to parity with 2 recordings
at a time but doesn't get me to 3. Correct? And if I got something now
- like the HDHR - if it works today does it stay compatible after the
switch or does Comcast start doing things differently and the hardware
becomes useless again?

   Anyway, I'm looking for ideas on how I might start preceding.

Thanks in advance,

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