[mythtv-users] HD-PVR. Anyone received one yet?

Ken Scales kscales at xplornet.com
Mon Jun 2 18:56:45 UTC 2008

Robert McNamara wrote:
> The devices are in Myth and driver developer hands, and there are some 
> minor issues that need to be worked out before the driver can be 
> released.  I wouldn't expect much "beta user" testing on the driver, 
> it will most likely see outright release when the author feels 
> comfortable with it.  There is heavy discussion on the problem in the 
> IRC channel, and if you idle in there for a bit you'll understand what 
> the holdup is. 
As a former test manager from a software development team, I am very 
much aware of the importance of early and independent testing to the 
development of a quality release.

That said, I'll take your tip and start monitoring the IRC channel. 
(Thanks! Didn't think of that forum.)
> I've received my HD-PVR, and I know that the Myth and linux 
> development is all but done.  I understood when I preordered (in the 
> first 30 minutes of preorders :) )  that it would likely take a tiny 
> bit of time before it was ready to become my primary tuner.  The fact 
> that the driver is as far along as it is is a huge testament to the 
> driver's author and the assistance of Hauppauge, and I hope that we 
> see people showing appropriate appreciation when everything is in good 
> working order.  Which, by the by, should be very very soon.  Hang in 
> there.

Couldn't agree more.
Cheers, Ken.

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