[mythtv-users] ignyte replacement script that fetches from Google Movies for mythmovies

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 12:29:56 UTC 2008

> The "ignyte" mythmovies grabber that ships with the mythmovies plugin
> does not support non-US addresses, so I decided rather than not using
> the plugin altogether, to write my own grabber that instead fetches the
> data from Google Movies.
> It is tested and working fine for me using my Canadian postal code.
> hopefully others may find it useful. Some people in the US even may
> prefer to use it instead of the ignyte script, because one thing I did
> differently is I put the 'star rating' from Google's movie reviews into
> the 'Rating' box instead of the MPAA rating, which I did not find useful.
> Only takes one argument, zip / postal code. It is *VERY* hacky, and will
> probably break at the slightest page format change, but it does the trick.

This looks interesting and I've been seeing if I can use it for
Australian movie times. It seems to return XML OK if I run it from the
command line but when I run it from MythTV it gives me errors:

use of unitialized value in hash element at line 73.

Any ideas why it would work from the command line but not mythfrontend?


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