[mythtv-users] 100% cpu with xorg ati driver on Radeon X300 PCI-e

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Jun 2 12:04:21 UTC 2008

Marius Schrecker wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I've just installed 0,21 from debs (debian Sid), on a dual opteron 2200Mhz 
> system with 2 GB ram.
>  video adapter is a ATI X300 PCI-e device, and I'm using the xorg ati driver.
> Video capture (no analog TV here any more) is through Composite, and S-vhs 
> inputs on a Haupauge PVR500 (ivtv)
> Both "LiveTV" (composite), and DVD playback freeze the system intermittently at 
> 100%cpu. I can still log in remotely (and very slowly) over ssh, and top then 
> reports Xorg taking everything.
> TV quality is also very poor, jerky, and look deinterlaced (very jagged and only 
> half the number of lines). This is not due to a poor signal, as the feed is from 
> a very clear digital source.
> I'm not used to the new filters settings. What would the group recommend for 
> this setup (Norway which uses PAL)?
> Playback of stored movies seems not to be afflicted by this. Player settings???
> Could this be to do with xv???
> This was my last hope of salvaging some use from the ATI card before binning it, 
> as I figured it was now old enough to be covered reasonably well by the xorg driver.
My workstation (which has 0.21 Mythfrontend on it) has one of these cards, and I 
have had little trouble with it. I have used Myth both while running it as a 
workstation and also plugged into our main TV when the dedicated frontend went 
titsup. For both arrangements, the VGA output was used, even though the two 
displays are radically different in shape and size. The system just adjusted 
things automatically when booted up with each display.

I have attached my xorg.conf in case there is anything useful in there for you. 
I am running Mandriva 2008.0 x86-64 on my workstation, you might wish to 
consider if there may be anything at the OS level which may cause your problems.

In fact, now I re-read you message, I would suggest that your problems lie 
somewhere other than the video card.


Mike Perkins

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