[mythtv-users] Using extra keys in a keyboard

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 06:38:09 UTC 2008

> Does anyone know what to do if a keypress sends a combination of keys?
> I have a USB remote control which uis detected as a keyboard. There is
> a "home" key on it which sends Alt-LeftWindows-Return.
> Looking at how xmodmaprc works you have to provide it a single keycode
> which I can't do in this case because the button press is sending a
> combination of keycodes. I'd like to map this key to comething I can
> use as a jump point in MythTV. Any ideas?

Bit of an update on this - I can get MythTV to respond to this key if
I update the jumppoints in SQL. But there's a really strange problem.

I set Alt_L+Super_L+Return to bring up Program Finder. I also set
Ctrl+l to do this just as a test. Ctrl-l goes to Program Finder. When
I press Alt_L+Super_L+Return I see no response. However, if I then
exit MythFrontend and return to MythWelcome I see the Program Finder
screen - as if it opened up in a different session. Then when I exit
this Program Finder screen it goes back to MythFrontend menu which I
exit again...but there is Program Finder again. This continues for
ever and the only way to get back to MythWelcome is to restart X. This
is very, very weird behaviour.

I also tried this by mapping LiveTV to Alt_L+Super_L+Return and I got
similar behaviour where LiveTV kept appearing when I tried to exit
back to MythWelcome for ever and ever.

Any ideas? Is it something to do with the Windows key (aka Super_L)
being part of the key binding?


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