[mythtv-users] OT: Spam?

ccmail at bellsouth.net ccmail at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 30 16:15:56 UTC 2008

> The thing that makes the email the most suspect is it has the prepended
> "[mythtv-users]" in the subject line.  I've gotten spam with the subject
> line "Anjelina Jolie XXX Video Free." in the past and I think the header
> could have easily been forged to make it seem like it came from the address
> mythtv-users at mythtv.org.  But the fact that it also has the subject line
> modified in the same manner as regular list messages is highly suspect that
> it wasn't the listserv that processed the email.

It WAS processed by the listserv.  I only get the combined MythTV digest to keep from getting flooded with MythTV email and it was in the digest (which is a single email with the last 30 or so mailing list messages).  It couldn't have gotten into the digest if it wasn't handled by the listserv.  A spammer has gotten ahold of the listserv posting address.  So be careful blocking the sender on that message because you may block everything from the list.


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