[mythtv-users] Compilation albums

Brett May brett.may at thalesatm.com
Tue Jul 29 01:12:49 UTC 2008

Dom H wrote:
> Am I correct in saying 'compilation artist' is a non standard tag myth
> embeds in music files? To get compilation albums to show up as
> expected it seems you need each track tagged with their compilation
> artist AND the album to be flagged as 'compilation' in the music_album
> table, is this correct?
> If I have an album on my system that wasn't ripped by myth and want it
> to be treated as a compilation currently I have to bring up the info
> screen on each track, fill in the compilation artist, choose 'save to
> database and file'. I then have to change the compilation flag for the
> album in the music_album table(of which sometimes there are multiple
> records for that album with a bunch of different artist ids)
> Is there an easier way to do this? Can any other programs except myth
> add this 'compilation artist' tag? I've tried something like EasyTAG
> but that will actually lose the compilation artist tag!

I also found this, I was surprised that myth seems to add a separate 
album entry in music_albums for each artist in a compilation album.
I am currently playing around with some code (an alternative to 
mythmusic) which connects to the myth database and this caused me a problem.
So I went into the database and updated the compilation field for each 
compilation album I had:

update music_albums set compilation="Y" where title = "Best Of Rock";
update music_albums set compilation="Y" where title = "Blah's Greatest 

Something like that anyway (I'm at work so I can't check the exact syntax).
I currently use mythmusic in directory mode, not TAG mode and it seems 
to group the compilations once I did the above.


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