[mythtv-users] Problem viewing live tv and video/dvd

Luke Guildner luke.guildner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 18:38:30 UTC 2008

I am not new to Linux, but I am entirely new to Mythtv.  I'll start
off with the hardware I am trying to get set up.

AMD AM2 64bit dual core (I think 2.4Ghz, can't remember as I am writing this.)
NVIDIA 8600 w/ dual DVI and S-video (256MB RAM)
PCHDTV 5500 digital tuner card
two SATA 500GB Seagate HDDs w/ hardware RAID0 (for videos & recording)
80GB SATA drive for OS

This is going to be a single server (backend and frontend.)

I have tried a few times now to get everything installed using a few
different OSes (openSuse, knoppmyth, mythbuntu), all with the same
   The install seems to go well, the tuner seems to be configured
correctly, and I can scan and find all of the channels I expect to,
with decent signal strength as well.  Though, when I try to view live
T.V. I only get a frame or two, and then the video locks up.  I get a
bit more sound, but after a few seconds, that begins to stutter to the
point of not being able to understand anything at all.  I am unable to
change channels or do anything other than exit back out of live T.V.
  I have scheduled a few shows to be recorded, and it seems that they
successfully recorded, as the preview looked smooth and is not missing
frames, but when I attempt to play it, while better than live tv, it
seems to be only showing every tenth frame, and the sound is choppy.
The same thing happens when I try to play DVDs (both directly or
ripped to file) through mythtv.  The thing that really strikes me as
odd is that DVDs play just fine through Xine or Kaffeine alone.
    As of yesterday, I have reinstalled openSuse 11.0 (from trying the
other OSes) and will begin to attempt to install Myth once again.  My
hope is that someone will be able to perhaps point out what I am
missing or neglecting to do that would result in not being able to get
things working.  It seems to me that my hardware should be more than
adequate performance wise.

   I guess I'll also note that I have just used the Mythtv version
that either shipped with the OS (knoppmyth, Mythbuntu) or downloaded
it from the packman repository on openSuse.  Do I need to compile the
source code myself with specific  options set or something?  If you
need any other info to be able to help me out, I will be more than
happy to provide it.


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