[mythtv-users] Need a Dual turner Capture card for myCable, WinTV-PVR 500 is discontinued* CONFIRMED * so what do you recommend ?

Roberto Salvatierra robertosalvatierra at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 17:26:12 UTC 2008

ok I ordered from the page that was given to me... but this is what I got...
"Thank you for your online order# 36455 I can not process your order due to an FCC ruling.Unfortunately due to an FCC ruling Hauppauge Computer Works is no longer allowed to ship out analog tuners to consumers.This is due to the transition of broadcast TV signal from analog to digital come Feb. of 2009. The WINTV-PVR500MC kit Has an NTSC analog tuner on the board. Hauppauge has an equivalent product line to the PVR product line and that is the HVR(Hybrid Video Recorder).The HVR is a Hybrid unit and they have two tuner applications on the board. It has 1-NTSC analog 125 channel cable ready tuner and 1- ATSC digital tuner. The equivalent HVR is the WINTV-HVR2250 model# 01213. You can read up On the unit on Hauppauge Computer Works web site found on the home page as a new item.  Please look at the Hybrid tuner devices for an equivalent. In the mean time I will have to cancel your order and your credit card will not charge. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Hauppauge Computer Works at 800-443-6284 or by e-mail at sales at hauppauge.com and any of the sales reps can assist you. Regards,VincentHauppauge Computer Works  
> Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 23:23:59 -0400> From: dbrieck at gmail.com> To: mythtv-users at mythtv.org> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Need a Dual turner Capture card for myCable, WinTV-PVR 500 is discontinued so what do you recommend ?> > On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 9:15 AM, Roberto Salvatierra> <robertosalvatierra at hotmail.com> wrote:> > Well I live In Costa Rica, Our Standars are basically the same as in USA,> > NTSC, analog transmision over the cable> > ( well there's also digital, but there are no QAM channels, so everything is> > encrypted ) as I said there's one channel with ASTC,> >> > I was looking yesterday at the support for linux for the "Hauppauge> > HVR-1600" and it seems promising but I would like to know some hands on user> > experiences.> >> > Interesting enough yesterday I searched for the PVR-500 on that same page> > you wrote and it returned no results, and I did a lot of different searches,> > ^^;> >> > On other stores where they had it "listed" they all showed discontinued, or> > out of stock.> >> > Also there's a note on the mythtv wiki that it says that in holland it is> > discontinued, so I wonder.> >> > They are probably getting a lot of heat from the FCC for selling> analog only tuners. I bet that's why all of their new cards can do> both. I'm not sure about linux support for the hvr-2250, but that one> looks like it's replacing the pvr-500.> _______________________________________________> mythtv-users mailing list> mythtv-users at mythtv.org> http://mythtv.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mythtv-users
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