[mythtv-users] HDPVR 1212 setup, was: Better Satellite Service in the US

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Thu Jul 24 19:44:04 UTC 2008

> What drivers are you using? A quick howto would be nice, if possible.
> I figured I'd wait a  while until the devices are more mainstream, but I 
> wanted to buy one right away, before they become scarce.

explains most of it.
it does require running a custom built latest svn tree of mythtv
as you have to use a different v4l-dvb version and hdpvr drivers only in svn.
(add --dvb-path=/usr/local/src/hdpvr/linux/include to the mythtv configure option
after you have downloaded and built the hdpvr as explained in the wiki)
that Im sure will eventually change once everything is stable and functioning
with the hdpvr drivers.

it also has issues switching resolutions so I force my satellite boxes to 
always output 720p no matter what the source. 1080 also works but I only
have a 720 tv.

changing channels is as always with mythtv and external boxes challenging.
I have the usb-uirt thingies which work quite well. run IR senders from them
and tape them to the boxes to keep interference down.
lirc works just fine and I put together a channel changing script for mythtv
once I found the device codes for the directv remote.

it is still beta and not fully functional, but work is being done and for
recording I have had no problems. livetv is questionable at the moment.
I record 6-8 shows a day from them. (stocking up for when drm kills tv...)

default recording rate is ~2G/hour at 720p. transcoding is of little help
given my choices of post-transcoded bitrates. looks great, no different then
the feed direct from the directv box. 

I think that covers everything I can think of...

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