[mythtv-users] Semi-OT: OTA, Comcast business HSI and the single coax

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Thu Jul 24 18:33:26 UTC 2008

Allen Edwards wrote:

> If it were me, I would run another coax but I am assuming this is 
> difficult or you would not have asked.

It is a bit of a pain.  Mainly I was checking as I didn't want to drill 
another hole into the house, much less the outside wall, or have to redo 
the cable routing.

The issue is this:  The cable from Comcast comes out from the ground 
(all cables out here are underground) on one side of the house, and the 
antenna is on the other side.  A cable run from where the Comcast cable 
is to where it would be hooked up is approx 50 feet, all of it outside.

Well, except for the jacks in one of the rooms, where the cable is run 
under the house via a hole punched through the foundation vent screen 
from the original install (previous owner oversaw that one) by the 
%%$#^%! Comcast installer.

The coax run is currently something list this:

Antenna -> two port splitter

Two port splitter -> Myth jack
		\--> Four way splitter

Four way splitter -> Bedroom
		 \-> Bedroom
		 \-> Bedroom
		 \-> Unused (terminated)

Seems that the best way would be to (simplified):

Antenna -> barrel connector -> Myth jack
Comcast -> four way -> barrel connector -> new coax -> new data jack

But damn, I didn't want to put another hole in my wall.  Oh well, such 
is life.  At least I can do this, not being in rented housing and such.

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