[mythtv-users] Nova-T remote without a Nova-T card?

mat mat at lessermatters.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 09:14:01 UTC 2008

> 2008/7/23 mat <mat at lessermatters.co.uk>:
>>> 2008/7/23 mat <mat at lessermatters.co.uk>:
>>>> Hi there folks,
>>>> Now I have moved my backend into myt garage, I'mkind of left with a
>>>> useless (but excellent) remote control. So, my question is: Can I
>>>> somehow
>>>> make use of this remote without a Nova-T card in the vicinity?
>>>> I mean, can buy just a reciever card to put in my livingroom PC?
>>> You should be able to use the remote (sure it uses RC-5 protocol like
>>> most/all other Hauppauge remotes) with another IR receiver. I use
>>> cheap homebrew serial-port IR receivers/transmitters, but USB IR
>>> devices are increasingly popular and easy to setup.
>> I like the sound of a homebrew reciever. I have a bunch of IR LED
>> recievers and I want to make use of them. Is it a simple enough circuit?
>> Do you have details available? I don't want to go down the boring route
>> of
>> just buying a pre-made reciever if can help it! I wouldn't be messing
>> with
>> MythTV (or linux for that matter) if I wanted the easy option!
> See lirc.org for all the details.
> Your mail client appears to be dropping quote-attribution when replying.

I use SquirrelMail - is there some setting or other to fix this?

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