[mythtv-users] Advice on TV tuner for use on Comcast cable in Minneapolis

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Tue Jul 22 13:51:50 UTC 2008

Gordon McCrae <gordon.mccrae at googlemail.com>, said on Tue Jul 22, 2008 [02:38:02 PM]:
} My friend was over on Scotland recently and loved my MythTV setup, now 
} he's back home in Minneapolis he's looking to build his own system.
} Server and Linux wise I have that covered, however I have no idea about 
} connecting up his Comcast cable TV.
} He tells me that he currently has an analogue solution, and simply tunes 
} his TV stations to each of the cable stations, however when he called to 
} get a second feed, they've told him it will need to be digital and will 
} come with a tuner box.
} Any pointers on the best way to integrate this with MythTV, and what 
} tuner cards would be required.
} I had thought a simple PVR-250 would be fine for the analogue feed, but 
} even then he'll only have one channel available at a time to tune / record.
} Also, if the digital feed is do-able, what would he need on the PC 
} hardware side to control channel selection?

well there will still be *some* channels he can tune with a normal 
tv tuner. but certainly not all the cable channels.
the qam channels are mostly locals here and a few minor BS cable

however depending on how comcast operates there the tuner box from
comcast may output all the channel on its firewire output.
The DVR boxes from comcast here in CA do.  Then just a firewire
port on the computer is all that is needed to record and
change channels.

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