[mythtv-users] MKV, The Internal Player, and You.

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Tue Jul 22 00:19:51 UTC 2008

> (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/2662) that is pretty much the same
> issue, and it claims it is now fixed (as of 5 months ago); im curious
> if anybody else has seen this similar issue, and what if anything they
> have done to fix it. Im running a frontend i just compiled myself from

 I've played many mkv's since 0.21 was released and only had problem with 2.

And both of those I ripped using handbrake on a make into h264+AAC in a 
mkv container. Every other file I'm ripped or gotten as examples has
played/seeked just fine.
They are also the only ones I've ever had that had more than one audio track
in them so that could be part of their particular problem.

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