[mythtv-users] ABC Full Episodes on MythTV? Can it be done?

Allen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Mon Jul 21 23:12:47 UTC 2008

Dan Wilga wrote:
> At 10:41 AM -0700 7/21/08, Allen Edwards wrote:
>> Also, if you are using spdif, it won't work in flash.  When I listen 
>> to a flash video, I have to switch from spdif to analog on my external 
>> decoder.
> You can fix that by changing the default mixer device in your desktop's 
> control panel.

My control panel Sound section offers two options:
1) default -- which is selected and obviously resolves to analog
2) #0 HDA -- which is the analog part of the sound card

#1, which is the digital output is not listed as an option.

So, do you know how to get that option listed or am I missing something 


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