[mythtv-users] Cannot log into database?

Dean Harding dean.harding at dload.com.au
Mon Jul 21 03:50:07 UTC 2008

Josh wrote:
> I was setting up a new master backend, and I can't get any of my  
> frontends to connect.  I just get the message "Cannot log into  
> database?" when I try.  I'm running mythbuntu/Ubuntu 8.04 on all the  
> systems involved.  This is replacing a previously working system, and  
> I'm really not sure what's changed.  1 week ago, the same network ran  
> fine, all that's new is the software installation on the backend.   
> Just for testing purposes, I installed mythfrontend on this backend, and
> I am able to connect from there and see live TV.  I have verified that  
> I am using the same settings on all of my frontends.  I am not running  
> a firewall. What else could be causing this problem?  If I had to  
> guess, I would think it's either a networking problem, or something to  
> do with permissions, or groups or something like that.  Any ideas?  I  
> do not recall having trouble with this the last time I setup my myth  
> system...

My guess is your mysql database is not set to allow remote connections. 
Usually that means it's only binding on the address.

The simplest way to check would be to run the mysql client from your 
remote machines and try to connect via that first.


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