[mythtv-users] Playback of HDTV, HDHomeRun

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Thu Jul 17 05:03:49 UTC 2008

David Smiley wrote:
> I have a P4 at 2.8 GHz and I've been using it just fine with a Hauppage 250
> card for nearly a year.  I just purchased a flat screen TV and an HDHomerun. 
> I got the HDHomerun to record a snipped of a high-def program for just 11
> minutes (which was 1.26 GB !).  The playback is basically impossible; choppy
> doesn't begin to describe it.  I suspect it's some sort of super high-res
> MPEG2 format but I don't know how to get at info on my video files so I am
> not certain.  An auto-transcode of this file brought it down to only 1.1 GB
> but that didn't help the playback (unsurprisingly).  In my playback
> settings, I observed that there are various filters 'n such that apply
> depending on the resolution.  I did some tinkering there on the higher
> resolution stuff but haven't gotten success.  Can someone advise me on
> things to try and/or how to go about troubleshooting playback of HDTV?

David, I've been making HD recordings on my HDHomerun for almost a year now. 
I've got an HD recording right now that's four and a half hours and it takes 
31GB. So that disk usage sounds about right to me.

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