[mythtv-users] s-video resolution

Wouter van Atteveldt wouter at 2at.nl
Mon Jul 14 23:45:57 UTC 2008

> > > only the 1366x768 it still goes into 800x600 (which is the resolution
> > > specified in my xorg.conf).
> >
> > How are you managing to get 800X600 into an S-video display???
> >
> > I thought S-video maxed out at just over 640x480 (somewhere around 700x480
> > IIRC)
 > The video card is scaling and outputting the appropriate signal :)

I guess this shows how much I know about this stuff. If S-video is max at/around 640x480 (which is compatable with getting the higher resolution but "wrapped around" on the horizontal axis as described), and linux is hardly bearable at that resolution (a lot of dialog screens are not showing the OK/cancel buttons or other options, most navigation is extremely difficult, and I can't get my TV to show that resolution at full screen, my only real option to build a useful mythtv box is to get the DVI out to function.

I am a bit desparate on that: I tried a lot of stuff, but even the BIOS does not give a signal on the DVI out, even though I set the startup to CRT+DVI in the BIOS. I've tried both with a DVI->HDMI cable and a DVI->VGA dongle (see my previous posts to this mailing list, dated 14/6 and 16/6).

If anyone can help me to get the DVI out working, I would be extremely grateful!

-- Wouter

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