[mythtv-users] s-video resolution

Peter VanDerWal peter at vanderwal.us
Mon Jul 14 08:41:19 UTC 2008

> Two problems remain:
> - on booting, it goes into 640x480 mode which fills only a small portion
> of my TV screen and is almost unworkable as desktop (most config screens
> don't show the buttons, etc.). In my xorg.conf I specified a bunch of
> modes, but it seems to ignore those. Using xrandr I can only see the
> 640x480 mode, I can manually add a 800x600 mode but it refuses to switch
> into that, giving a crtc error (see below)
> - if I go into and out of hibernation, it does go into 800x600 mode.
> However, it "wraps around" so the left 150 or so pixels are "shared"
> between the left and right hand side of the screen. If I try the same for
> the 'correct' resolution for my tv (W-XGA 1366x768) it refuses to switch
> to that mode, the same for 1280x1024 (do I have to convince the video
> driver to accept that mode somehow). Strange enough, restarting X by
> killing it from a console does not produce the same behaviour, it simply
> goes back to 640x480 only. Also strange, if I do not add the 800x600 but
> only the 1366x768 it still goes into 800x600 (which is the resolution
> specified in my xorg.conf).

How are you managing to get 800X600 into an S-video display???

I thought S-video maxed out at just over 640x480 (somewhere around 700x480

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