[mythtv-users] config question

Allen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Sat Jul 12 21:19:15 UTC 2008

Steve Heistand wrote:
> Im having issues watching live a local OTA HD channel.
> Im guessing they are broadcasting a full 1080 signal,
> as other HD channels are just fine. recordind and 
> watching transcoded shows are fine. its just live tv.
> The problem is that there is no audio and the picture 
> is slowed down a little. 
> my system is a 3.0ghz core 2 duo with 4g ram,
> nvidia 8500gt card with the latest drivers.
> Normally run the latest svn trunk (for HDPVR unit)
> with xvmc turned on. However since my tv is only
> 720, I run at 1280x720 resolution. there isnt much
> of a load on my machine when trying to watch a 1080
> show live, maybe 50% of 1 cpu on mythfrontend.
> any suggestions on how to watch a 1080 live broadcast?

Make sure that  your xorg.conf file only allows 1280x720 as a mode.

I have posted my xorg.conf so if that is of interest, look in the 
archives.  The point is, don't let xorg send 1080 stuff to the TV and 
then have the TV take it down to 720.

Also, on audio, with something like mythbuntu, make sure you don't have 
a asound.conf file or the one that ends in rc  and that you don't have 
pulse audio.  Just let the default settings handle it.

Let me know if I can be of more help.


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