[mythtv-users] config question

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Sat Jul 12 19:04:26 UTC 2008

} What tuner are you using?  You say you run SVN trunk to use the HDPVR.  But
} you are saying you are watching a OTA signal.  First OTA highest res is
} 1080i.  Second,  the HD PVR cant capture video with out some type of tuner.
} If you want to record OTA you will have much better luck with a OTA ATSC
} Tuner card then the HD PVR daisy chained to a STB OTA tuner.  Plus the HDPVR
} is considered VERY Beta right now and you shouldn't expect it to work
} properly at this stage.

the HDPVR was just mentioned to promote it not that it was related
to my OTA problem.  My atsc tuners are a pcHDTV and dvico fusion HDTV.
both of which work just fine, its just that I cant do live tv on a 
1080 broadcast. hoping maybe there are some tv playback settings
that I can tweak to make it work. 

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