[mythtv-users] Help installing HDHomerun -- Network is unreachable soon enough after reboot

Chuck Filson mythtv at goodeid.com
Thu Jul 10 19:42:37 UTC 2008

On July 10, 2008 02:54:38 pm Alen Edwards wrote:
> HDHRChan(10137dc1/0), Error: Unable to send discovery request
>                          eno: Network is unreachable (101)
> HDHRChan(10137dc1/1), Error: Unable to send discovery request
>                          eno: Network is unreachable (101)
> Whenever I write one of these replies, I try and anticipate the reply I
> will get and go try something in response.  So, I tried exiting
> mythbackend and starting it again.  In doing to the HDHR tuners are
> recognized.
> Anticipating the next question, I removed the hub between the HDHR and
> the computer as I read that you can connect directly.  Then I rebooted
> and the HDHR was not found.
> Any idea how I can deal with this?  Anyone else see this?  How can I
> delay the start of the backend after a reboot to see if that will allow
> the network to stabilize.
> Allen
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	Most likely the HDHR has not completed its DHCP negotiation when Mythbackend 
tries to find it. Hence the "Network is unreachable" errors.

	You will have to find what is starting Mythbackend and add a delay to allow 
sufficient time for the HDHR to receive its DHCP info and come on line. This 
will be distribution specific.


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