[mythtv-users] Copyright Legislation in Canada

Daniel Buijs dbuijs at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 21:34:15 UTC 2008

Under current law there is almost nothing illegal about MythTV in  
Canada. The problem with DVDs under the new law is that not only  
copying them but simply READING them on Linux would be a technical  
violation of the law because all DVDs are protected by CSS. The open  
source deCSS program included with MythTV is currently covered under  
Canada's Fair Dealings provisions which allow circumvention of  
technical protection measures to ensure compatibility with different  
hardware. If the bill is passed, this will become illegal.

Whether it will or even can be enforced is another issue altogether,  
but since this is still only a proposed law, I plan on letting the  
government know that I've got a very big problem with it in principle.

On 9-Jul-08, at 10:22 AM, Alen Edwards wrote:

> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 10:43:48PM -0700, Alen Edwards wrote:
>>> Personally, I would not want to be associated with a group that
>>> discusses how to break the law.  This is not a list of hackers,  
>>> it is a
>>> list of law abiding people trying to get their rightful use out  
>>> of the
>>> things they buy legally and out of freely available off the air  
>>> programming.
>>> In fact, I would not even want this list to take on the  
>>> appearance of
>>> being such a group.  So, don't go there.
>> Please sit back down, Alen.
>> The law has not yet been passed, so no one is discussing breaking it.
>> The discussion is about *keeping the law from ever being passed in  
>> the
>> first place*.  Do you object to that as well?
>> Cheers,
>> -- jra
> Well, if the law passes, everyone who wrote that it would be  
> illegal to
> have a mythtv in Canada if it passed sure better get rid of their myth
> system as they are making public statements that could come back to
> haunt them in court.
> Look, here is how I saw it.  The point was made that there is a bad  
> law
> being considered in Canada.  Specifics about how that law might or  
> might
> not impact Mythtv should not have been part of the message.
> Someone made a statement that mythtv is completely legal, which is my
> position.  In addition, it has no code that allows anything illegal
> anywhere, again my position.
> I don't want to flame, but at that point people should pick up on the
> idea that this is a good position to state and not argued with that
> statement.
> The point about the proposed law in Canada being bad has nothing to do
> with MythTV, it stands on its own.  It is good to know about, but  
> it has
> nothing to do with MythTV even though it is of interest to the  
> users and
> a reasonable thing to post.
> Now, Linux is a very open piece of software and there are additions  
> that
> will do a lot of things, some of which are very useful.  Some  
> people add
> these extra pieces of code.  MythTv is very careful to have only the
> code that is completely open and without issues.  To imply that it is
> any other way is misguided and untrue.
> Making these untrue statements that MythTV allows copying of protected
> DVDs, which anyone who has installed a clean copy of MythTV and  
> tried it
> knows that it will not do, is asking for trouble for MythTV, which is
> undeserved.  If there is a way to take some other piece of software  
> and
> add it to MythTV to allow this, I don't want to hear about it.  It is
> without interest to anyone on this board.
> Allen
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