[mythtv-users] Desktop partly off-screen problem

C.T. Paterson i.adore.my.64 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 22:34:25 UTC 2008

2008/7/7 Brian Phillips <brian.phillips at gmx.net>:
> Carl Fongheiser wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 10:05 AM, Mark Greenwood
>> <fatgerman at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Sorry to jump in late.  I have a sharp 720p LCD and it's native res is
> 1366x768 as well, so you can rest easy with that resolution.
> I used to have it hooked up with a VGA cable to an FX5200.  Sometimes when
> myth would boot, I'd get the screen displaced to the left.  I'd have some
> black space on the screen to the right.
> It was a simple fix.  It seemed that my television was just having trouble
> syncing to the VGA signal at the initial boot screen.  Once myth was loaded,
> I would just turn off the television and turn it back on and the problem
> would be fixed.  The television synced correctly and the display filled the
> screen.  Simple solution and it didn't require me to google around for
> custom modelines.  I just used whatever Xorg initially generated for me.  I
> was using a stock Mythdora4 system.

As testament to the notion "better late than never" - let me just say
that you've steered me on to a path where I've managed to make some
significant progress.

I did as you suggested - pretty sure that I had turned the TV off and
on before without beneficial effect, but still game to give it a try.

As expected - no change.  I fired up my TV's on-screen menu to see if
there was anything I could use in there.  Under the picture menu,
there was a reset option: tried it, no luck.  Then I noticed something
called "screen".  I selected it and was presented with (among other
things) a series of resolutions; 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1360x768, and
1366x768 - with the 1024x768 happily checked.

I have not the words.

So - selecting 1360x768 through the TV menu, and reverting to my
originally posted xorg.conf file has yielded many pixels of
improvement.  It's not perfect; there's a line of grey at the top of
my screen, but that seems a desktop issue, and I've still had to
employ an X offset of 5 and a Y offset of 3 to line it all up nice.
Still, I have more real estate than I did before.

I have to stop my tweaking here for the night, but I'll keep  playing
around, and see if I can get further improvement.

Thanks very much for everyone's help.


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