[mythtv-users] mythmusic iec958 help

Joe Henley joehenley at kc.rr.com
Thu Jul 3 20:30:58 UTC 2008


Hmmm.  Do you still have the original .asoundrc file from FC8?  I'm not 
even sure there was one.  Well, I'm reasonably sure running without any 
.asoundrc is probably OK.

Richard's (hobbes1069) comments about alsamixer are right on.  Make sure 
all the iec958 stuff is unmuted, and set to some reasonably high volume 
level.  You can adjut them to your preferences later, once you know 
which ones do what.

Now, are you getting anything from your receiver?  Some of the indicator 
lights ought to be lighting up to tell you what signals are coming thru.

If you are still getting the syslog errors about rate mismatches, then 
at some point you're going to have to replace your sound card (to get 
proper pitch on CDRoms).  In the meantime, you might try setting the 
sound device to /dev/dsp to see if it gets rid of the message; and/or 
outputs sound.

Good luck,

Joe Henley

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