[mythtv-users] Questions about Hauppauge HD-PVR (1212)

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 18:09:53 UTC 2008

Thanks for the responses so far.  I guess I really need to do some
more testing, especially on the Linux side of things.  So far I've
just tried it with the included Windows software.  I am a bit
concerned about my heating issues, as it doesn't sound like anyone
else's unit is running as hot as mine.  This happens even when I'm in
"pass through" mode, so it's not like I'm really pushing the unit.

As far as the horsepower needed for recording, I thought the same
thing that others have said; that it shouldn't require a lot.
However, when I tried recording from the Windows laptop, which is a
couple of years old I couldn't really do anything else.  (The laptop
has 1 GB of memory; don't know the processor off-hand, but it's not
dual core, or core duo, or anything like that.)  Beyond that, even
when I let the laptop sit and record for a bit, when I played back the
recording on my primary front-end, which plays other HD flawlessly,
the audio and video were way out of sync  Maybe this is pointing more
toward greater requirements on the playback side of things.

More feedback is certainly welcome.

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