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Fri Jan 4 05:44:35 UTC 2008

act as an S-Video device.
Just a couple of questions regarding that.
How is sound captured?  I want to capture from a DCT-6200 box, so two 
RCA jacks.  Should that be directed into the mini-pin on the back of the 
PVR-500 card?  Or into the sound in plug on your PCI sound card?

Also, what is this I have read about setting the channel on the PVR-500 
to 3?  How is that done when just being used as an S-Video capture device?
Anything else I should know before configuring?

Thanks all.  I may have a working solution after this. 
Not as clear as firewire, but S-Video should look OK.  Any comments on 
quality of S-Video?

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