[mythtv-users] How to pass parameters to mythfilldatabase

kanetse@gmail.com kane.tse at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 18:49:49 UTC 2008

I've got a master backend (no frontend on that machine) which
automatically runs mythfilldatabase every night.  Lately, I've been
noticed that certain channels don't have schedule data on the 14th
day.  So I get 'gaps' my program guide for those channels.  Since
those listings don't get refreshed again until they are "tomorrow", it
really affects my scheduler; unless I manually run "mythfilldatabase
--refresh-all"... but that's inefficient to do it everyday.


Today = Jan 31
14th Day = Feb 13
For Feb 13, channels 19, 22, 25, (and several others) have "NO DATA".
However, other channels, like (2, 3, 20, 21, etc...) are fine and
contain data.

The NO DATA gaps will persist until Today = Feb 12, when
mythfilldatabase will refresh tomorrow's (Feb 13) schedule, thus
filling in those gaps.

If I were to run mythfilldatabase on, say, Today = Feb 5, the gaps
will disappear, because there is now guide data channels 19, 22, 25
for Feb 13.

I have found a way to get around this problem by only have
mythfilldatabase grab data for the next 13 days (instead of 14 days),
using "mythfilldatabase --max-days 13" from the command-line; however,
how do I tell the mythbackend process to use this parameter when
running automatically?  Do I set it through any mythfronend, in
Setup->General->Mythfilldatabase ?


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