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jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Thu Jan 31 17:53:09 UTC 2008

> On 01/31/2008 10:51 AM, Alvaro Gonzalez Sola wrote:
>> Mytharchive is to create backup for my myth-system to a DVD or other
>> filesystem, żit's ok?.
>> But i need copy archive for external filesystem (external HD, usbstick)
>> to my myth-system. For example:
>> My friend come to my house with music in her usbmemory and i can't copy
>> her music (photo, video, etc) to my
>> myth-system whit mytharchive, I need a filemanager.
> I think you forgot to say, "musician," as in, "my /musician/ friend
> comes to my house with music [she created and for which she owns the
> copyright]..."  Just clearing that up before there's any confusion since
> Myth/Myth devs do not condone copyright infringement.  :)

   Perhaps a "play from external media" option is in order if it
already doesn't exist. A unified browser interface would probably
make this sort of idea work smoother.

   Pop in the stick
   Get an annoying popup message
   Start browsing the stick

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