[mythtv-users] 1 tuner of 2 records poorly from a single channel

Jonathan Black jblack2 at smartertek.net
Thu Jan 31 15:35:55 UTC 2008

Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
> About a week ago, one of the 2 tuners on my PVR-500 started making very bad 
> recordings for one channel (Shaw cable channel 2, CTV). Would anyone have any 
> idea how that would occur, and what I could do to fix it? That tuner works 
> fine for all other channels, and the second tuner records channel 2 just 
> fine.
> For a workaround, how can I force recordings on channel 2 to use the 2nd 
> tuner?
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Do you think it is possible you have a weak signal? I have a PVR500 and 
had to boost the signal because the second tuner was very fuzzy. After 
using a signal booster, it looks great.

If you want to force Tuner 2 to record channel 2, just turn the priority 
up for that tuner (In Mythtv-setup) and then turn the priority for the 
channel up. As far as I know, tuner 2 should start recording that 
channel then.


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