[mythtv-users] Mythtv 0.20.2 xbox xebian pkgs now available

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 14:49:19 UTC 2008

Before I start, I'm currently uploading the 0.20.2-small.zip image to the following:
Should be finished uping in about 3 hours. Anyway, you should get around 100 KBps down from it which is quicker than the 4 KBps I was getting on bittorrent :o) Should be there for a while unless my site's bandwidth gets hammered (unlikely...).
I just tried out the Xebian E image (thanks whoever was on BitTorrent last night) and, although it's working fine with RGBs output, that's about all it's doing well. Then whole thing seems unusably slow, 60+ secs in to a recording/live tv, video lag whenever opening/navigating menus, 20ish secs back to main menus from vid... Is this normal? And is there any way to make it quicker, like doing a proper install to F:\, or any recommended settings for the frontend (specifically things like ringbuffer size, suggested skin settings, various buffer settings etc, or killing other processes or even changing window manager)?
I've also got problems with the interlacing settings (go figure...), with interlacing artifacts appearing when no deinterlacing is used (I guess there's no native interlace output?) and while Bob looks ok, it makes the menus flash and totally kills the subtitle support (subs flash on and off, mostly off 90% of the time). Again, is there anything that can be done to fix that (esp. the subtitles)? Correct modelines or deint settings for a 4:3 PAL CRT?
If it wasn't for the speed and interlacing issues it would probably be ok, but right now the xbmc script seems a better option due to speed, even if it isn't a full frontend and has a horribly bright image (whites are glowing, anyone know a fix for that too? bright/cont/gamma settings don't seem to help much...) or even my regular pc as that only has problems with interlacing settings. though an xbox might be a quick fix for that but obv not :o\ :oP
Thanks, Christopher
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