[mythtv-users] Backend diskless boot?

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 18:36:51 UTC 2008

I currently run 2 diskless frontends, one combined
diskless frontend+backend (w/ 2 tuners), a master
backend (w/ 1 tuner), and a HDHR.  My master backend
has 8 SATA drives (media) and one old and small IDE
drive (boot).  The MySQL database and the data for the
aforementioned diskless machines all reside on a
separate machine (my file server).  All Myth stuff is
running CentOS 5.1 and a fairly recent SVN trunk.

I am considering making my master backend boot off the
network so I can eliminate the IDE drive.  I've
watched the I/O to the root disk and it seems minimal
once the system has booted.  I have sufficient memory
in that machine so it does not swap.

With all this considered, I'm thinking that the
netboot would work well for the MBE under this
configuration.  Am I missing any potential pitfalls in
considering this setup?

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