[mythtv-users] AMD 64 3200+ vs P4 3.0 GHz.

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Jan 30 15:28:23 UTC 2008

> jedi at mishnet.org a écrit :
>> If given the choice between a 3200+ and a P4, definitely go with
>> the AMD chip. With a good nvidia card, the 3200+ will probably
>> be good enough to do anything you want with it, even including
>> reasonably fast h264 decoding.
>> The vidcard really does make a lot of difference in Myth.
> Is this always true, or only when xvmc comes to play ?

Well, a lot of my experience is driven by h264 decoding and I don't
believe that xvmc matters for h264 decoding. I saw a sharp drop in
my xorg cpu usage when I went from an ati card to an intel card.
Going from ati to NV also seemed to make a configuration that was
previously not fast enough seem more than adquate.

What seems to be key is how much effort the videocard is putting in
to just drive your display. With really crappy drivers, this can be
quite a lot even if you aren't getting into anything fancy.

The steep difference between the ati proprietary and free drivers
with desktop usage are a good example of this.

Some cards are just... well... crap without even getting into fancy stuff.

A weak card or weak driver is just something else to burden the system.

> I just ask because several list-members suggested lately to drop xvmc,
> even with nvidia-based cards, and I thought xvmc was one of the biggest
> advantage of nvidia over ati.

A better core driver will also be worthwhile.


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