[mythtv-users] Current Multirec functionality?

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 30 09:03:10 UTC 2008

Hiya Jouni,

On 30/01/2008, Jouni <jouni76 at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Hi,
> I need some clarification about current Multirec functionality;

It's gone trunk now :-)

> - apparently the DVB subtitling is now working?

I never noticed it had stopped working, but just confirmed that it is
indeed currently working. This is on DVB-T in the UK on Freeview.

> - does it support CAMs? Not at all, or viewing/recording encrypted
> channel uses the whole tuner so that any other channel cannot be
> extracted from that multiplex? Or it can view/record multiple encrypted
> channels from same mux?

IIRC CAM's do work. You can record as many channels as your CAM allows
you (and your hardware limitations). Some CAM's have been reported to
allow only one channels, others have been reported to allow 2 (can't
remember seeing any more than that). If I remember correctly, I think
someone mentioned it doesn't work with any type of local card sharing.
But that may have been related to CAM limitations.

> I appreciate if someone could point some links or answers for these,
> thanks.

I did try a quick couple of searches to find some references, but I
couldn't find any to back up my memory.

> --
>   Jouni
>   jouni76 at fastmail.fm

HTH even if it is a bit sketchy,

Steve Daniels

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