[mythtv-users] Re-record something being shown in HD?

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 05:11:43 UTC 2008

Thanks for the advice.  I figured out how to do this
and wanted to share my solution in case anyone else
wants to do the same thing.  I did this via a power
search which I configured through mythweb.

Check "Record at any time on any channel."

Check "Power Search."

Title = "HDTV rebroadcast"
The title can be whatever you want.  It is just a name
for the rule, not a program title.

Additional tables = ", recordedprogram"
The comma is needed to make the SQL query work right.

Search phrase = "program.programid =
recordedprogram.programid and recordedprogram.hdtv = 0
and program.hdtv = 1"
"program" is the current guide and "recordedprogram"
is the table of recorded programs.  Find all items in
the "program" (current) that are being shown in HDTV
where the program ID matches something in
"recordedprogram" that was not recorded in HD.

You also must set the duplicate check method to "None"
to make this work!

The only thing that could make this absolutely perfect
would be, upon the conclusion of the recording, to go
back and delete the non-HD recording.  I might set up
a "user job" that does this.  For now, without this,
the only potential bug is that if the same episode was
broadcast multiple times in HD, it would pick it up
every time as long as the non-HD recording was
present.  I will live with that limitation
unless/until I do the user job thing to whack the old
recording, or maybe try to finagle an outer join into
the query.

Two "Law & Order" broadcasts are to be re-recorded in
HD over the next two weeks, increasing WAF considerably.

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