[mythtv-users] New F/E - use same OS?

john blue rwc at bestpond.com
Wed Jan 30 00:50:27 UTC 2008

I have been trialling  Mythtv on my main system, and am ready to setup a new 
box to go into the lounge room with the TV (for use by all).

This box will be  a dedicated MythTV centre combined  F/E B/E with the 
existing main system becoming the master backend, this will give me a total 
of 4 Digital tuner cards.

When i ventured into Linux  a few years ago I installed SuSE and have stayed 
with that distro, and now run OpenSuSE v 10.3, and have mythtv v. 0-20.2.11 
as supplied from the packman site (I haven't ventured as far as SVN versions 

If I wanted to trial another distro, say Ubuntu or maybe  Mythbuntu would it 
be feasible to do that on the new Myth box I  am now assembling? Or would 
that cause issues between the two boxes,  considering that opensuse is 
running on the master B/E ?  I certainly couldn't afford to have issues which 
might impact other viewers.



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