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Fri Jan 4 05:44:35 UTC 2008

have two motherboards.  1 is amd with x processor, 1 is intel with y
processor.  1 has less slots than I want, but is good becuase it as PCI-e
graphics.  The other has a lowly AGP slot.  Is it worth going to the maybe
slower intel setup that would allow me to put all my cards in it or not?"

 Given that we don't know that he has 20TB of storage and that he transcodes
and commercial flags 24/7 on his potential 96 hours of content per day, if
it were me, I'd give the parts I have that can put all the tuners in the
same machine a try and then fix stuff when it proved that it didn't satisfy
me.  Sure, if the guy is deciding to buy new parts, then it's worth
discussing parts as if any and all options are on the table, but in this
case, I think most are missing the intent here.

Colin, do I have the wrong take on this?  Could you clarify whether you are
deciding how best to mix-n-match your existing parts, or are you trying to
decide what to buy new?

On Jan 29, 2008 2:57 PM, <jedi at> wrote:

> > I'd go with the one with the most PCI slots.  AGP works just fine for
> > video
> > in my experience.
> Let's not forget SATA channels.
> A cheap board with lots of IDE/SATA channels can come in
> very handy for easily upgrading your storage capacity.
> I've maxed out my backend with 6 ide/sata devices. The
> board would accomodate more but there's no more room in
> the case.
> It was an ATI based board so it kind of sucked when used
> for a frontend. It's great for a backend though.
> >
> > On Jan 29, 2008 12:27 PM, Colin McGregor <spamtrap151 at> wrote:
> >
> >> Interesting situation, currently my main MythTV box is an AMD 64 3200+
> >> on
> >> an
> >> Asus A8S-X motherboard with an PCI-E nVidia 6200 video card. For the
> >> most
> >> part part I am happy with that as a combination.  The one (small) issue
> >> I
> >> have is that I am now out of PCI slots having filled them with the
> >> following:
> >>
> >> - Hauppage PVR-150
> >> - Hauppage PVR-350
> >> - pcHDTV 5500
> >>
> >> I have the option of replacing that with a P4 3.0 GHz on an Asus
> >> P4C800-E
> >> motherboard and a AGP 8x nVidia 6200 video card. Things like the tuners
> >> would
> >> be moved from one motherboard to the other (and would allow me to drop
> >> in
> >> an
> >> Adaptec VideoOh! tuner card in addition to the above). Benchmarks seem
> >> to
> >> suggest that the P4 3.0 GHz will typically out perform the AMD by a
> >> modest
> >> margin (due to higher clock speed). On the other hard, how much of a
> hit
> >> will
> >> video performance take going from PCI-E to AGP (my understanding is not
> >> much). So, question is, am I better off changing things around?
> >>
> >> The "loosing" motherboard will end up in my "testing" computer (for
> >> running
> >> different versions of Linux).
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