[mythtv-users] Gnome newflash...Mythtv related (allegedly)!

Dan Ritter dsr-myth at tao.merseine.nu
Tue Jan 29 18:57:43 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 01:31:32PM -0500, Matt Emmott wrote:
> On Jan 29, 2008 1:06 PM, Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk> wrote:
> "*On the multimedia end, GNOME 2.22 has a few new features appended to the
> Totem movie player and the Rhythmbox player. Totem can now search and play
> YouTube videos and connect to a MythTV server and watch past recordings or
> view live TV."
> *- I wonder just what capabilities it has... Is it just a uPNP client that
> plays nice with Myth, or does it have some mini Myth / MySQL voodoo under
> the hood? Quick, somebody install this and tell us! I'm a lowly Windows
> admin so I don't have anything I can install it on here at work.*
> *

The translations file suggests that it interacts in some way
like a frontend:

#: ../src/plugins/mythtv/totem-mythtv.c:386
msgid "MythTV Recordings"
msgstr ""

#: ../src/plugins/mythtv/totem-mythtv.schemas.in.h:1
msgid "IP address of the local MythTV server"
msgstr ""

#: ../src/plugins/mythtv/totem-mythtv.schemas.in.h:2
msgid "Name of the database for the local MythTV server"
msgstr ""

#: ../src/plugins/mythtv/totem-mythtv.schemas.in.h:3
msgid "Password to access the local MythTV server"
msgstr ""

#: ../src/plugins/mythtv/totem-mythtv.schemas.in.h:4
msgid "Port to access the local MythTV server"
msgstr ""


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