[mythtv-users] AMD 64 3200+ vs P4 3.0 GHz.

Colin McGregor spamtrap151 at rogers.com
Tue Jan 29 17:27:30 UTC 2008

Interesting situation, currently my main MythTV box is an AMD 64 3200+ on an 
Asus A8S-X motherboard with an PCI-E nVidia 6200 video card. For the most 
part part I am happy with that as a combination.  The one (small) issue I 
have is that I am now out of PCI slots having filled them with the following:

- Hauppage PVR-150
- Hauppage PVR-350
- pcHDTV 5500

I have the option of replacing that with a P4 3.0 GHz on an Asus P4C800-E 
motherboard and a AGP 8x nVidia 6200 video card. Things like the tuners would 
be moved from one motherboard to the other (and would allow me to drop in an 
Adaptec VideoOh! tuner card in addition to the above). Benchmarks seem to 
suggest that the P4 3.0 GHz will typically out perform the AMD by a modest 
margin (due to higher clock speed). On the other hard, how much of a hit will 
video performance take going from PCI-E to AGP (my understanding is not 
much). So, question is, am I better off changing things around?

The "loosing" motherboard will end up in my "testing" computer (for running 
different versions of Linux).


Colin McGregor

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