[mythtv-users] upnpmedia polling

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Mon Jan 28 16:15:51 UTC 2008

> have the scan off.  Once the backend receives a UPNP request, then the timer
> starts firing (the first time it runs ASAP, then back to its regular schedule).

 My biggest worry about that was just how long the scan will take on 
some peoples content. At the moment it's about 2 seconds on my box 
scanning 2800 files in a ton of directories over NFS, but I'm worried 
that on some it will take longer and the upnpclient might timeout 
waiting for the response causing the user to manually have to 
connect/grab the list again a second time. 

 I'd be interested in getting a better idea of just how long this 
is taking on others systems.

Making a configurable timer (and a flat out on/off) switch would 
be simple and let users keep it to a minimum if they want.
In fact there are several upnp variables we could expose but I can 
see most of them just causing a support nightmare as 
users "tweak" everything :)

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