[mythtv-users] Viktor's Bob deint patch for interlaced modelines

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 02:36:42 UTC 2008

> Mark,
> Hope you got some sleep....and a chance to look at 2xBob for non-opengl....
> That's one of the 2 things that's stopping me from moving to trunk from 0.20
> I have 2 "hacks" in my version:
>  1) "Viktors" bob hack.
>  2) My own hack to workaround a bug in xvmc output, where if there's more
> than one audio stream in an MPEG-TS file, output stutters and slows down to
> a grind. My hack filters out the extra audio stream when it's recorded (it
> simply uses the first audio stream it finds, not strictly correct but it
> works!). Unfortunately the multi-rec changes have really changed the way
> recordings are done and I can't find where to insert my hack yet.
> Sounds like you're addressing 1), any idea if any work has gone one that
> might address (2) by fixing xvmc output?
> I can't see any reference in TRAC.


Sorry - took a road trip to Malaysia for a few days.

Try the attached (against svn). This should give you a new CPU based
'Interlaced (2x)' deinterlacer option. Not tested extensively, and
still needs some refinement, but appears to be working as expected.

Re-reading the above, it has also occurred to me that you won't be
able to use XvMC with this as you can't filter an XvMC/partially
decoded frame. But see what results you get and get back to me.



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