[mythtv-users] Where the bottleneck?

Andrew Herron andrew.herron at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 23:38:20 UTC 2008

I still think you should give the deadline
mentioned earlier a shot :)

It won't cost anything to try, but if that doesn't work then you definitely
need more ram or a proper video card.


On 27/01/2008, Willy Boyd <willyboyd at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 7:31 AM, Brent Norris <brent at brentnorris.net>
> wrote:
> >  Memory.  Make sure you have enough of it.  I was running my m2npv-vm
> >  with 512meg for a while and if I was doing HD and a commflag kicked off
> >  it went to crap.
> >
> >  Plugged another 512meg stick in and have never seen a problem since.
> >  Memory is cheap right now.  Go ahead and pick some up for it.  The
> >  difference is worth it.
> >
> >  Brent
> >
> I agree.  I'm running this same board with 1GB of ram.  While
> dedicated video is better, this board should definitely be adequate.
> I got pauses now and then that seemed to have gone away now that I've
> put mysql on a separate machine (I didn't have a spare drive to
> install).  You've already taken care of the disk issue so I would
> suggest adding some ram in case as well.  I'm running the blootubelite
> theme (the lighter version) because blootube-wide just took up too
> much resources for me.  I'll be upgrading to 2GB ram eventually.
> One other thing to look at, besides ram and video, is tuning MySQL.  I
> was getting very frequent pauses, and tuning the mysql params (search
> this list) to increase caches , buffers, etc. made a major difference.
> I still got infrequent pauses, and finally gave in to putting sql on
> a separate spindle.  But if you're getting it a lot this could be one
> potential problem.
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