[mythtv-users] Converts as you record for wireless transmission

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jan 26 16:12:00 UTC 2008

Dan Cotter wrote:
> Hi,
> My 58mbps wireless can only really achieve about 8mb (1MB) per second 
> streaming. I want to record a program live and watch it over wireless. I 
> am sharing the recordings folder, and I am running ubuntu.
> How/where do I pick other codecs I can record too and which one would be 
> best quality but under 1MB per second? The program is standard 
> definition digital pal (576i).

The codec you use it usually determined by the source or the capture 
card you use.

If you receive the program as analog and use a PVR card, for example, it 
will be encoded as MPEG2.

If you receive the program digitally it will be whatever was sent my the 
source (MPEG2 or possibly H264 if BBC HD).

If you use a simple frame grabber card then you are using software 
encoding and can choose the codec to some extent, though you are limited 
to what Myth supports, which is limited.

To change the codec you have to transcode, a non-trivial task to do in 
real time while watching live.

You might be better off trying to get your network throughput up.


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